We offer a comprehensive suite of ready-to-deploy IT solutions, typically exclusive to major corporations, now accessible to your business. 



Tailored IT Solutions for Your Business Needs 

Our Virtual IT (Information Technology) Department will give you instant and professional IT department with a complete portfolio of ready to implement IT services, which can only be found in the large corporate company. 

Contractual Workforce Management

Simply installing a facial biometric device isn’t enough to fully automate your payroll. Manual downloads can compromise data integrity. Our comprehensive solution integrates essential hardware and software components to ensure full automation and maintain data integrity.

Contact us to learn how our solutions can streamline your workforce management.

Transform Your Industry with IoT Solutions

MITA has developed an advanced Time and Attendance System capable of managing 100 to 10,000 workers per site in just 5 minutes. Our system seamlessly integrates reports, forms, kiosks, biometric data, a master clock (IoT), and CCTV, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution for contractual workforce management. 


Innovative IT Solutions to Drive Efficiency and Savings 

Inquire about our research and development (R&D) in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions tailored to your market segment or industry, including general office, hotel, manufacturing, schools, construction, and more. Additionally, learn how we can guarantee a 40% savings on your IT department overhead costs after evaluating your average annual IT budget.

General IT and Consulting Services

Structured Cable, Networking and Connectivity Solutions

Managed IT Services

Custom IT Services

Our Background

Our mission is to be the premier IT partner for small businesses, propelling them to excel in their industries with exceptional IT support and solutions. As Your Instant IT Department, we empower these businesses by acting as their dedicated IT department, allowing them to focus on their core activities and achieve remarkable success in their respective fields.